17/11/2002 -GRAMS.dk is online again...

[GRAMS] is back again! It was ment to happen, and now it is finally officiel...! After a lot of thinking we decided to reopen the old famous danish AQ2 clan GRAMS to the good of the community! We hope to bring some of the old charm into this wonderful game  


 02/12/2002 -News Update...

A lot has happened since last. We've begun building our teamplay up again. Still a lot to work on but it's getting better and better - So Beware!

We've entered the European Action Quake Leauge (#eaql @ qnet) and the Wireplay Action Quake League (#wpaql @ qnet) as well - A sniper leauge.

We've played our first Clanwar vs. NARF which we won 31-12.

Herminator has joined our ranks - A big warm welcome goes out from all our members to him. Enjoy the ride.

Finally we've added the song Action Quake Vs. CounterStrike on the songs page - Found out it was missing.






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